Get Involved: Students

  • Do you like to play with computer games?
  • Are you a student with some street smarts?
  • Do you know how you would
    • Reduce global warming
    • Protect a city from natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes
    • Generate more efficient energy ... greener energy
    • Reduce traffic congestion
    • Build better schools

Your ideas can win prizes for your school and a trip for you to Washington DC to compete in the national competition. The winning team from the national competition gets a trip to the US Space Camp.

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are invited to compete in the DiscoverE Future City Competition. You'll be part of a school team and work with an engineer to design a city of the future on the computer using SimCity software. You'll also build a model and compete against teams from other N TX schools.

Get Started

Download our brochure. Then talk with your computer, science or math teachers and contact the Regional Coordinator to register.


Life will be a lot easier. Engineers will invent robots to help us. There will be less pollution, more alternative fuels, the air won't be as polluted and there won't be so much global warming. -Student