Get Involved: Volunteers

America needs more engineers and technical professionals to fuel our innovation economy. Future City is a wonderful way to introduce 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to engineering and expose them to a rewarding career possibility. Post-program surveys show that a majority of students become more interested in math, science and engineering after completing Future City.

And now, NTX is offering this opportunity to 4-5th graders with the Future City Junior program.

The North Texas Regional program is entirely run by volunteers. There are many opportunities to become involved:


Engineer-Mentors are part of the team, They work directly with the students, acting as advisors, and are involved in all phases of the competition. The mentor provides technical assistance and real-life experience as the students work on the competition.


Student teams, working under the guidance of an educator and STEM mentor, have been working since October on their future city concepts, using the Engineering Design Process and Project Management Cycle to explore city design and managment. Along the way, they have submitted a variety of deliverables:

Dozens of qualified judges evaluate all student submissions and provide constructive feedback.

  • City Essay: Describing the city and solution to the assigned engineering problem. Submitted and scored online.
  • 3D Scale Model: Illustrates the overall city design and solution to the annual theme problem.
  • Team Presentations: Explains the overall city design and solution to the annual theme problem. Demonstrates teamwork.
  • Q&A: Demonstrates level of knowledge and understanding and teamwork.
  • Special Awards: Sponsored category awards recognizing outstanding effort and innovation.

Day-of-the-Event Support

Volunteers are needed to assist all aspects of the competition including team check-in, awards, student activities and other logistical requirements of the event. All willing volunteers, both technical and non-technical, are welcome. Approximate commitment: 10 hours, January

Competition Coordinating Committee

The essential behind-the-scenes people who put it all together. The regional competition coordinating committee requires volunteers in a variety of areas including: Industry Relations, Professional Society outreach, School outreach, Administration, Arrangements, Judging, Awards and Public Relations. All individuals, both technical and non-technical, are welcome to participate on a committee.

Contact the Regional Coordinator.


For those who would prefer, we welcome monetary and service contributions at any level. See the information on sponsorship opportunities or contact the Regional Coordinator.


I can see in their eyes and their voices that I help them...These students have opened my eyes -- they know how to dream. The kids have allowed me to dream, which I forgot how to do. It's incredible, their talents -- very refreshing. It's helped me in my business and it's gone over into my life. I'm sure it's the same for every mentor -- it's OK to dream. -Volunteer Engineer Mentor